Hypnos is our first title as Campfire Games. It’s a mixed VR/flat-screen Puzzle/Exploration game that we are developing with Unreal Engine 4.

A patient with severe insomnia commits to an experimental treatment through a machine, the Hypnos, that allows him to experience lucid dreams. Closely overwatched by his psychotherapist, he will find himself in a surreal world with a mysterious young inhabitant…

When you put your VR headset on, you get to experience in first person the oniric world. It’s semi-open, formed by different areas that we can explore non-linearly while you uncover abilities that allow you to manipulate the dream, and solve increasingly challenging puzzles.

When you take your VR headset off, the game goes on in your screen as a 3rd person Adventure where you get to know the real world of the main character, and together with his psychotherapist find a reason (and a cure) for your insomnia.

Both worlds influence each other, but sometimes the barrier between dreams and reality begins to fade…

You can currently try the Vertical Slice of the game for free at WEARVR or VRCreed