April news mashup

Hi everyone!

We have had (and still have) a pretty busy month, presenting Hypnos in society in Barcelona and Madrid.

First of all, we have a new trailer with footage from the Vertical Slice:

We won the March 29th Zerouno Game Glory event at Barcelona, a small monthly competition where 3 teams have 90 seconds to pitch their game to other developers and game enthusiasts. The main price is that we get to talk about the game the next event (April 20th) during 7 minutes. Yes, you really learn to be concise at these!

Last week we went to Madrid to another “fast” event: The Zerouno Speed Press. 12 press members from 12 different Spanish media were there listening to developers pitch their projects. We only had 4 minutes with each one! It was very original and fun, but the best part is that we won the “Best pitch” award! Thank you!

Diploma ZeroUno Speed Press
Zerouno Speed Press “Best pitch” award

Right after the event we had an interesting Handthinking networking moment with Legos. We got the chance to know a little bit better the rest of game developers and press members in a very unique way.

Learning with Lego

And moving to the game development, we are steering away from our Vertical Slice and into production of the full title, taking into account all the lessons learned and feedback received from the former. We will try and keep you updated when we are not busy making the game!

And a little surprise to close up…

…what may this be?




2 thoughts on “April news mashup

  1. Congratulations to the team!
    Keep going in that direction. You have a very good concept for a game.
    I will love to play someday the full version.


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