We are very proud to show you Hypnos, the game we have been working on.

Hypnos is a mixed VR/flat-screen Puzzle/Exploration game, developed with Unreal Engine 4 for DK2.

A patient with severe insomnia commits to an experimental treatment through a machine, the Hypnos, that allows him to experience lucid dreams.

You can learn more about it here.

And, if you have a DK2, please try our demo at WEARVR here.

We will keep updating the info about the game. Stay tuned!Screenshot1


6 thoughts on “Hypnos

  1. When I go to load the application I just get a message to “Press A”. No matter what I press I cant get past this area… Any idea what else I can do to get into the experience


    1. Hi. At that moment you need to have your DK2 correctly tracked. If the game does not detect it for calibration it won’t start. It is also required a Gamepad, the labels assume an Xbox gamepad ( 360 or One ). You should press the bottom face button on the game pad.

      Please let us know if this helps with your issue.


  2. Excellent prototype. Love the concept and the switch between the two modes.

    The over exagerated head movement is however not something I personally like. Too much optical flow leading to nausea.


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